Rookie Actor Adorably Visits His First Birthday Sign From Fans Every Single Day

He must be protected at all costs.

A rookie actor is gaining attention for visiting his first birthday sign from fans every single day, and it’s beyond adorable.

The name of the rookie actor is Lee Jung Shik, and he is best known for his role in I Have Three Boyfriends as well as his appearance in Love with Flaws.

As soon as he heard the news that his fan set up an electronic display at a subway station for his birthday, he immediately headed over and took photos.

My first day here. I went half-excited and half-nervous, and that day ended up being filled with emotion. I felt shy about people looking at me on the first day, so I held up by peace sign in a timid way. I decided to be more brave next time.

– Lee Jung Shik

But his expression of gratitude didn’t end there.

The next day, he shared,

I dropped by today as well and got lots of motivation from it!

– Lee Jung Shik

And what gained particular interest was when he even brought his parents on a different day.

The day my parents visited. Thank you for giving birth to me and raising me.

– Lee Jung Shik

And on his actual birthday, Lee Jung Shik posted,

Receiving my first birthday sign touched me with so many feelings that I can’t describe. There are times I feel motivation from it when I go to work and when I stare at it on my way home after a long day, I feel comforted. I visit it almost every single day, and I wish I could’ve left more traces and notes while I was there.

– Lee Jung Shik

It turns out, he even prepared jelly snacks for fans.

I even went there with jellies in my bag just in case I ran into fans, but I was sad that I ran into no one. I’ll work even harder so that I can come back with a good drama or movie.

– Lee Jung Shik

Now that’s what you call pure.

Happy birthday, Lee Jung Shik!

Source: Dispatch