Rookie Boy Group ONEUS Gives This Girls’ Generation Classic Song A Sexy Makeover

We can guarantee you’ve never heard “Gee” like this.

RBW‘s latest boy group ONEUS debuted in January with “Valkyrie”, and they’ve already gained some attention for their visuals, but they’re here to let the world know that they are also crazy talented.

ONEUS’ teaser for their May 29 comeback mini album “RAISE US”

During a radio broadcast the boys did a cover of none other than the Girls’ Generation breakout hit “Gee”. New listeners and fans were undoubtedly super excited when the host announced they’d be singing “Gee”, but they surely couldn’t have expected the all-new masterpiece that ONEUS was about to unveil.

The song was completely reimagined; ONEUS took a slowed-down, much sexier approach to the bubblegum K-Pop classic. They reinvented the song so well that the newly added raps don’t seem out of place at all. They even did choreography – blending the original dance moves with new sultry moves (complete with body rolls and footwork).

ONEUS has covered “Gee” a few times before, predebut as RBW Boyz, but it’s good to see them still giving it some love after debuting as a group – some fans are even hopeful for a studio version of the cover. Watch RBW Boyz perform “Gee” predebut below: