This Rookie Idol Actually Auditioned To Be A Comedian In Highschool

He does have some great comedy skills!

The members of the newly created group, UNB, got to sit down and introduce a little bit more about themselves on KBS‘s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.


While there, MC Yoo Hee Yeol was curious about one particular member’s past experience in comedy.

He had heard that Marco had tried out to become a comedian in the past and wanted to know if the rumors were true.


Marco admitted that he had considered a career as a comedian before turning to music.

Yes, back in high school I did once attend KBS’s open auditions. I thought I could become a comedian.” — Marco


But the audition didn’t go too well for him.

“I completely bombed it! It was a complete and utter failure.” — Marco


Although he may have bombed his audition, his comedy skills are still on point!


From his cute eye smile.


To this crazy hair look.


He even showed off a few of his comedy skills during the show!


But if he had never failed that audition we might never have heard his awesome rapping skills.

Source: 1boon and tvreport