A Rookie Idol Learned Sign Language Just To Speak With Fans

“I thought it might help…”

To make sure they can communicate with all their fans, some K-Pop idols learn sign language to bridge the gap and successfully speak with hearing-impaired fans. So a rookie idol from HYBE Labels‘ Japanese group &TEAM showed his dedication to fans by picking up the language.

&TEAM | @andTEAMofficial/Twitter

When SHINee‘s Taemin met rookie idols who were inspired to debut because of him, one mentioned speaking sign language at his group’s first fan signing. Everyone was impressed, including Taemin.

That idol was &TEAM’s Fuma. He revealed that he’d taught himself the basics of sign language to speak comfortably with fans. His hard work paid off.

I thought it might help when I met my fans. So I learned the real basics by looking it up online.

— Fuma

At &TEAM’s first fan signing, Fuma made a fan happy by speaking sign language with them.

In addition to Fuma making that fan feel seen, his thoughtful act made other fans feel just as warm.

Fuma | @andTEAM_members/Twitter

See Fuma surprise fellow idols with his sign language skills.