Meet Rosy — The “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Who Used To Be A YG Entertainment Trainee

We can totally see why YG wanted her 😱

Street Woman Fighter is truly continuing to dominate, as the Mnet dancing program impresses with its high viewership ratings and headline inducing content. And as the survival show keeps up with their immense popularity, the contestants are slowly, one-by-one, also experiencing the same favor.

The most recent participant to make headlines in relation to Street Woman Fighter is none other than Rosy from the dance crew PROWDMON. While the talented dancer had previously stunned viewers with her moves and her visuals, these are not the reasons behind her recent headlines.

PROWDMON’s Rosy | @_rosy_life/Instagram

Rosy has recently started to gain positive attention because her past as a former YG Entertainment trainee has been belatedly revealed!

| @_rosy_life/Instagram

The 1999-er was a part of the training group Team A under YG Entertainment, who were also known as “7badgirls.” She was rumored to be the main dancer of her team, which would not be surprising given the incredible dancing abilities that she has been showcasing throughout her time on Street Woman Fighter.

Rosy (third from left) in a YG Entertainment dance video | YouTube

She took part in filming different dancing videos for the agency, whether it was for a team choreography or a solo. These videos have garnered quite a response from the public, as the views continue to increase by the thousands.

Rosy in a solo dance video for YG Entertainment | YouTube

Not many details have been reported regarding her duration with the label or the reasons behind her departure. However, it was following her departure from YG Entertainment that she found her calling as a professional dancer. Rosy took a dance class at OFD Dance Studio, which happened to be owned by PROWDMON’s very own Monika and the rest is history!

PROWDMON’s poster for “Street Woman Fighter” with Rosy (second from right) | Mnet

Since then, Rosy has gone on to dance for a multitude of artists, such as her former YG Entertainment sunbaesWINNER.

Rosy (middle) with WINNER’s Mino (left) and Yoon (right) | @_rosy_life/Instagram

And now, the stunning and gifted dancer is competing with her crew on Street Woman Fighter for a chance to become South Korea’s number 1 female dance crew.

She may not have debuted under YG Entertainment, but Rosy is making her mark in the industry and we’re excited to see what the future holds for her!

You can watch Rosy during her former YG Entertainment trainee days down below.

Be sure to also check out Rosy, who is sporting the adorable pigtail space buns, dance with her PROWDMON crew on Street Woman Fighter down below!

Source: theqoo