2 Rules That OG K-Pop Idols Were Punished For Breaking—But All Idols Do Now

Older idols claim that the new generations have it much easier.

Despite being a second-generation idol, even Kim Jaejoong gets criticized by the generation of idols before him. He revealed the two major rules they were jealous that new idols didn’t have to follow.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

During an episode of his web series Jaefriends, Jaejoong revealed that first-generation idols often tell him “how easy” idols have it now. There were two reasons why.

Jaejoong shared their complaints of how they “couldn’t dye their hair.” Proving they weren’t exaggerating, a first-generation idol was actually banned from broadcast for bleaching her hair blonde.

The second rule first-generation idols complained to Jaejoong about was the fact they “couldn’t show skin.

Because groups couldn’t visually show their individuality back then, it was harder to stand out. Jaejoong said, “So you really had to hustle to make it back in those days.

However, those rules are no longer in place. In addition to every member in a group dyeing their hair a different color, they can also show as much skin as they want—whether they’re in one-pieces, crop tops, or entirely shirtless.

Girl’s Day | Naver
VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon | @cros_gh/Twitter

Although the first generation of K-Pop idols didn’t have as much freedom to express themselves, they opened the door for newer idols to do the things they couldn’t. Now idols change their hair and style with every comeback.