BTS’s Jin And Suga Completely Lost It Over Jungkook’s Outfit

Their behind the scenes reaction is out reaction too.

Jungkook‘s model energy is strong enough to pull off any look, even this ridiculous outfit by Designer Jin!

In Episode 104 and 105 of Run BTS!, BTS created DIY outfits using craft materials and hot glue. For Jin, bolder is better, so he made his clothes as glittery and outrageous as possible. To his members, this was a penalty, not a fashion statement.

Thanks to an unlucky draw, Jungkook, who rarely receives losers’ penalties on the show, had to be Jin’s model. J-Hope called the outfit “rags” in a new behind the scenes video, and Designer Jin was deeply offended.

Designer Jin takes his work very seriously, but even he couldn’t keep it together when Jungkook put this “tree” on his head.

Hearing Jin’s squeaky giggles, Suga came over to see what was happening. He took one look at Jungkook and busted a lung!

He laughed so much that he ended up crouched to the ground, coughing.

This outfit isn’t mean for casual wear, but Jungkook could picture himself as character from a musical.

Which character? Peter Panof course!

This leJindary moment will go down in BTS’s fashion history…

…and if you want that outfit for your own, Jin just might sell it to you!

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