Jin Wasn’t About To Let BTS’s Staff “Steal” His Pocket Change

This millionaire keeps an eye on his cash at all times.

BTS‘s Jin keeps his friends close and his wallet closer!

Having worked hard to earn every penny he has, Jin doesn’t let anybody short change him. (We’re looking at you, ice cream man!)

He isn’t a cheapskate per say, having spent at least a million dollars on Jungkook’s meals alone…

…but no one should ever dip into Jin’s pockets without his permission.

In Episode 106 of Run BTS!, Jin lent RM and Suga 13,000 won (approximately $11 USD) for their “rich men” photoshoot concept.

After the photos were taken, Jin immediately wanted his money back.

Everyone searched for the missing bills…

…and found them in a staff member’s pocket.

Needless to say, Jin was not happy about it. “You were totally going to steal,” he said jokingly. “I’m disappointed!” The audacity.

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