Even BTS’s Camera Director Can’t Handle Jimin’s Extraness

His reaction was captured on camera.

If BTS‘s Jimin wasn’t an idol, he could definitely be a variety show star!

From the things he says to the wacky things he does, this born comedian is always making his members laugh…

…and sometimes the staff doesn’t know what to do with him.

In Episode 106 of Run BTS!, Jimin added a surprise photoshoot to BTS’s DIY fashion shoot. While the rest of the members were reviewing Suga‘s photos of Jungkook, Jimin posed for the maknae’s camera.

This resulted in the iconic “Good Boy Jimin” photograph…

…that mysterious appeared in the Big Hit Entertainment building’s artist lounge.

“Good Boy Jimin” isn’t the only “trap” he set though. When his members were least expecting it, Jimin sprawled out on the ground…

…and did whatever this is.

He described it as a werewolf pose, but that’s up for debate. (Who knew that werewolves were Vogue models by day?)

BTS didn’t know what to make of this and neither did the staff. As Jin pointed out, this camera director looks totally confused!

Oh well, you know what they say. Once you Jimin, you can’t Jim-out!