BTS’s “Good Boy Jimin” Photo Mystery Has Been Solved At Last

This article contains top secret information for your eyes only.

Welcome, detective, to the mysterious case of the “Good Boy” photo. Now that you have been granted clearance to this classified file, read on, but remember — this information is for your eyes only!

The case begins in Big Hit Entertainment‘s artist lounge, where this framed photo of BTS‘s Jimin suddenly appeared. (Note his “good boy” pose.) Who took the photo? Why is it framed, and how did it end up hanging in the lounge?

ARMYs searched for clues, to no avail. In fact, this case was in danger of going cold, for lack of leads, until Episode 106 of Run BTS! aired on June 30. Now, the secret is out!

During a DIY fashion photoshoot, Jungkook snapped a photo of Jimin…

…that made the members crack up. According to Suga, Jimin gives off “rookie actor” vibes in the photo.

The staff loved Jimin’s photo too, so much so that they included it in the gallery showing at the end of the episode. The members definitely didn’t expect to see it there…

…and Suga, who already had the photo as his phone’s wallpaper, didn’t expect to win the framed version as a prize!

The staff explained that they chose this photo for the prize because of the happiness it gives to people.

Now, for the final piece of the puzzle: J-Hope. He is the one who suggested hanging the photo in the artists’ lounge, where everyone at the agency could see it.

Case closed!

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