BTS Tried To Write A Love Story, But It Didn’t Go The Way They Expected

Love at first sight turned into laugh at first listen.

BTS added a new chapter to their “let’s be writers” saga, and it might be the funniest one yet!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

Whenever the members brainstorm plot ideas, things never go as planned. For example, Jin and Jimin gave BT21′s a 19+ rewrite by turning Cooky into a shady businessman…

…and selling Shooky‘s cookie friends for profit.

Then there’s the time Jimin and V wrote a tragic story about sacrifice…

…that made their members laugh!

If kids’ stories aren’t their forte, how about a love story instead?

In the behind the scenes for Episode 110 of Run BTS!, BTS wrote an unusual love story where each member added a new sentence. It started with, “It was love at first sight…”

“So I stepped closer…” 

“…and asked for a phone number…”

“The reaction I got was ice-cold, so for a moment…”

“…I was close to regretting it and almost had my heart broken.”

Here’s where a plot twist totally changed the tone of their tale. “But right then, a bird came flying so I became hopeful…”

“…and the bird asked for the number in my place.”

“We were taken into our favorite movie, where we had fun and a good meal.” The end!

BTS burst out laughing at their “terrible” story. If it wasn’t for that meddling bird, it might have ended differently!