BTS’s Staff Tried To Sabotage Them, But Suga Wasn’t Having It

He suspected trickery, and he was right.

Suga isn’t about to let anybody pull a fast one on him, including the staff!

BTS‘s members are no strangers to betraying, cheating, and sabotaging their way through games, but they aren’t the only ones who like to make things interesting.

The Run BTS! staff loves throwing curve balls that entertain fans and test BTS’s patience. In one episode, Suga even told a Game Master to get lost!

He also didn’t put up with the staff’s favoritism toward Jungkook, who was given the easiest question ever for “The Capital Game”.

In Episode 110, BTS played mini-games at the Hyundai Motor Studio to win clues for a treasure hunt. One of these games was a drawing game, wherein each member blindly doodled a picture and the other members had to guess what it was.

The first six drawings were animals (lion, monkey, sloth, koala, etc), but the staff suddenly changed the theme for Jungkook. This almost made BTS guess “butterfly” when the doodle was obviously “scissors”.

After guessing correctly, Suga marched up to the staff and playfully called them out on their sabotage.

Nice try. Trickery is no match for BTS’s “telepathy”!

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