BTS’s Jimin Snitched On V For Cheating — Plot Twist: Everyone Was Cheating

Snitches, cheaters, and hypocrites. It’s just another episode of Run BTS!

Welcome to another episode of “nobody plays fair” with BTS!

In Episode 102 of Run BTS!, BTS split into two teams led by Chef Jin and Chef Suga to compete in a game called “King of Avatar Cook”. Each stressed-out chef had to direct two less-than-kitchen-savvy members through a recipe.

Everyone seemed to be following the rules, but a lot of cheating was happening behind the scenes. When Jimin caught V looking up the recipe on his phone, he snitched faster than you can say “Friends”.

V was caught red-handed, but he still tried to weasel his way out of it. First, he claimed he had been answering an “urgent call”. Then, he tried to ditch Jin and Jungkook to become Jimin’s ally…or to make Jimin take the fall with him?

Jimin promised to let V off easy if he revealed everything he could remember about the recipe…

…but of course, that was a lie!

This is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Jimin tattled on V for cheating, but he was cheating too!

Like V, Jimin tried to cover up his crime in front of Judge J-Hope to avoid losing points, but he wasn’t very convincing.

Jin, on the other hand, didn’t bother trying to lie…

…or hide his phone.

The challenge was going to be a disaster anyway, so who cares if he’s cheating?

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