Jimin Said, “Play Nice” — BTS Said, “We Don’t Do That Here”

It was every man for himself in the latest episode of “Run BTS!”.

BTS‘s members have each other’s backs, except when games are involved. Then it’s every man for himself!

In Episode 107, BTS played Catch Mind (a drawing guessing game similar to Pictionary) and a racing game. As always, these computer games brought out the members’ competitive sides, and they did whatever it takes to win.

During the racing game, sweet, pacifist Jimin begged his members to play nice…

…several times…

…but they just weren’t interested.

Why play fair when you can hurl special items and slam each other off the race track? That’s way more fun!

It should be noted, however, that there are two sides to Gamer Jimin. One side tries to keep the peace between his members, but the other side has no problem taking out gamer ARMYs!

Jimin’s chat message to a fan in the game “Sudden Attack”.

Give Jimin a virtual gun, and it’s game over!

BTS’s Jimin Had ZERO Chill While Gaming With ARMY