Miyawaki Sakura Once Revealed The Secrets Of How Idols Make Their Eyes Look Big With Makeup

No one said there was fire involved!

Former IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura has launched her own YouTube channel where she’s been sharing secrets from her time as both a K-Pop and J-Pop idol.

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

In one of her most recent videos, Sakura broke down how she did her makeup for her HKT48 graduation concert.

| miyawaki-sakura-hkt48.jp

She began by putting on a base then moved to her eyes. She explained that since she has a longer face, she extends her eyeshadow to the side to make her eyes look wider.

“When I do eye makeup, I tend to extend my eyes to the side.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Once done with her shadow she used a brown eyeliner as “It’s [her] principle not to use black when [she does] eye makeup.” She also explained that she likes the brown because it doesn’t overwhelm her light eyeshadow.

“It’s my principle not to use black when I do eye makeup.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube

A hack she shared was placing her elbows on the table while using eyeliner to stabilize the lines being made.

“I will attach both of my elbow on the table so that they wouldn’t move.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Another hack she shared was to have two mirrors, one close and one far away, to give a better sense of perspective.

“…the important thing is, you should place a mirror far away too because your impression changes.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

She then doubled up on her eyeliner by tracing over her gel liner with a layer of liquid eyeliner for emphasis. Next was her “main event”; putting on mascara and false lashes.

“…and then, the main event has come.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

After the initial application of the mascara and fake lashes she brought out her lighter and bamboo sticks to which she commented “You would have never guessed that this would appear in a makeup video.”

“You would have never guessed that this would appear in a makeup video.”| Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

She explained that this technique is popular in Korea because it is easier to use than the average eyelash curler. The bamboo sticks also prevent the false eyelashes from coming off when being curled.

“Since I attached fake eyelashes, they would come off if I use an eyelash curler.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Before lighting up, Sakura warned her audience about the dangers of fire.

“…and please be careful when you use fire.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

She then demonstrated how to use the burnt stick to lift the below the lashes and the unburnt stick to add pressure to make the lashes curl.

| Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Before ending, she went over the lower lash line with more shadow, accenting that it’s important to go parallel to the eye rather than with its shape in order to make it look wider.

“Maybe up to the point where the pupil ends. Towards the outer corner of the eye and I’m not following the shape of my eye.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Finally, she added glitter on top of her eyelid, making sure to mention that the brand was part of an advertisement she’d once had with her former group, IZ*ONE.

“IZ*ONE also did an advertisement and it’s a Korean brand called Colorgram.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

After adding blush and lipstick, the look was completed.

“It was a really long journey and thank you for watching to the end.” | Sakura Miyawaki/YouTube 

Sakura looked absolutely radiant and we’re so grateful that she sat down and recorded all of these tips and tricks for us to be able to rewatch and learn from. How many of these tricks had you heard of before? Let us know and to watch her full tutorial check out the video below: