Sam Hammington Said He Wants a Daughter, so a Netizen Cleverly Made His Wish Come True

Introducing Sam Hammington’s “daughter!”

In a recent episode of MBN’s Friendly Variety, Sam Hammington revealed that he and his wife recently made an attempt at IVF in order to try for their third child.

Sam Hammington also expressed his honest thoughts about wanting a daughter following his two sons.

I want to have a daughter as my third. Please send us positive energy.

– Sam Hammington

And as requested, one fan set him positive energy in the form of a clever photo.

The fan used their impressive Photoshop skills to transform Bentley into the most beautiful baby girl.

Not only did the fan give everyone an idea of what Sam Hammington’s daughter would look like, but they also made everyone squeal at just how adorable she would be.

The photo of Bentley with long hair reminded many of a beautiful Disney princess.

The clever preview into Sam Hammington’s future daughter has fans responding with comments such as “I really want to see Bentley’s little sister“, “She’d be so cute“, and “Good luck, Sam!

Sending lots of positive energy to Sam Hammington and his family!

Source: Insight