Samsung’s New Ad Featuring BLACKPINK Might Be The Motivation BLINKs Need To Make The Switch To Android

Samsung strikes again with these flawless teasers of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK‘s endorsement deal with Samsung is well known by BLINKs – especially BLINKs with iPhones who have attended BLACKPINK concerts and were adorably denied photos or videos taken by the girls.

BLACKPINK’s Samsung Deal Makes Things Hilariously Awkward for iPhone Using BLINKs

However, if that wasn’t enough to make BLINKs make the switch, Samsung is probably hoping these new moving teasers will help sway them.

The ads feature each of the girls on the screen of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A70.

First we get a group shot:

Then comes a solo teaser of Rosé stunning with wind-blown rosé colored locks and matching background

Dancing queen Lisa is next, striking a fierce pose and looking like she’s coming for the Iron Throne in her dark silver moment.

Jisoo is as bright as ever, blowing a bubblegum bubble that almost as bubbly as she is.

Last, but certainly not least is It-girl Jennie with a hair-flip and pose worthy of every magazine and fashion week runway.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy A70 is “coming soon,” and even hardcore #TeamiPhone BLINKs are surely hoping more teasers featuring the girls are also coming soon.