Sana Couldn’t Believe Nayeon Did This To Her

Nayeon did something a bit strange during TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” special live broadcast…

During TWICE‘s “Dance The Night Away” live broadcast special, Nayeon startled the rest of the members by eating paper, proving once again she’s the youngest oldest sister (matnae) in the group.


The girls played various games during the live broadcast, one of which involved each member choosing and opening a capsule and relaying an experience or story about creating their special album. One member would be lucky enough to win a coupon – and when Sana won, Nayeon quickly ate the paper!


Sana was so adorably confused when she told the others “she ate the paper“…and the rest of the members’s faces say it all.


Fans just don’t understand how Nayeon can be such a talented, focused and serious idol when she’s performing – and turn into a complete gagwoman when she’s not!


ONCEs aren’t entirely sure why she ate the piece of paper…


But know that Nayeon is just Nayeon, and nothing will change that!


While this is certainly not the first time Nayeon has done something that the others call strange (but adorable), it definitely won’t be the last – and we love her for it!