TWICE’s Producer Reveals The Truth Behind Sana And Dahyun’s Iconic Lines In “TT” And “Cheer Up”

There’s a twist at the end of the story!

One of TWICE‘s main producers, Black Eyed Pilseung, shared during an interview about how he distributes parts. He revealed a surprising revelation that some fans may not have known about Sana‘s iconic “shy shy shy” killing part!

Apparently, that line was meant for Dahyun instead.

However, on the day of the recording, Dahyun’s throat was not in the best condition. As she could not deliver the tone of that line well, they had to think fast on what to do.

Black Eyed Pilseung got Sana to try out the line, and she pulled it off so well that they decided to give the line to her! He shared that as he knew that the line would eventually become the most iconic, he told JYP Entertainment that it would become an impactful trend for sure.

In “TT”, the follow-up song, the producer originally wanted to assign the killing part of “neomuhae” in the chorus to Sana. However, he felt that since Sana was already doing well with her fame from “shy shy shy”, he didn’t want to put all the focus on her. Instead, he decided to give the line to Dahyun.

What a twist of fate! In the end, Dahyun ended up taking off from her cuteness in delivering that line.

It looks like things worked out for the both of them. We wouldn’t have imagined a “shy shy shy” without Sana, nor a “neomuhae” without Dahyun! Catch the full interview below.