Sandara Park Talks About Her 1000 Pairs of Sneakers and How It All Started

She was influenced by BIGBANG and Teddy during her time at YG.

Sandara Park recently appeared on a YouTube channel called Channel DUXX and talked about her unbelievable sneaker collection and how it all began.

A few years back, Sandara Park confessed that she had over 1000 pairs of sneakers, and at this point, there are too many to even count.

And it all started after her debut with 2NE1 when she was surrounded by fashionistas like BIGBANG and Teddy.

My eyes opened up to sneakers after my debut. I was surrounded by fashionistas like BIGBANG and Teddy. The first shoe I got to know were Lanvins.

– Sandara Park

She shared,

The first shoes I was gifted were Lanvin sneakers from Teddy. And once I started making my own money, I got to know Pierre Hardy. That’s when my eyes opened up to sneakers.

– Sandara Park

The one downside is that Sandara Park owns so many sneakers that they’re all piled up in boxes in her storage space.

But Sandara Park expressed that shoe shopping makes her happy and that she invests most of her earnings to buy sneakers.

Now, when I buy shoes, it’s more of a habit than shopping. I feel so satisfied when I get my hands on a pair of shoes I want.

– Sandara Park

And as a celebrity who can’t roam around sneaker shops, Sandara Park revealed how she does her shoe shopping.

People are all the same… I buy them through resale. Sometimes, the brands send me some sneakers as gifts.

– Sandara Park

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch