Sandara Park Was The Epitome Of Supportive Unnie When She Spotted BLACKPINK Lisa’s Billboard

Her reaction to seeing Lisa couldn’t have been softer:

Although interactions between the former 2NE1 members and BLACKPINK don’t happen very often when they do, you can be sure that you’ll experience every level of uwu imaginable.  Which is exactly the type of experience everyone had when Sandara Park (Dara) shared her experience with Lisa‘s billboard!

Image: @krungy21/Twitter


Sandara recently dropped a series of adorable Instagram stories showcasing some of her finds while driving around Manila like, say, her own face on the back of a van!


After randomly finding herself, Dara revealed that that wasn’t the only familiar face she found while out and about! While traveling she spotted a big orange billboard in the distance, one she immediately knew she had to zoom in on!


Because that billboard was none other than Lisa’s Penshoppe billboard! After getting closer to the giant picture, Dara snapped up another photo and declared it Lisa’s time to shine!


With her story, Sandara took the soft levels to new heights as fans fell in love with the adorable supportive unnie moment!


So cute!