Sandara Park Flexes The Special Treatment She Gets In The Philippines

She’s so famous that everyone in the Philippines recognizes her!

Famous K-Pop soloist Sandara Park, also known as Dara, and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao were recently guests on the hit variety show Knowing Bros. They appeared alongside Lee Hoon, Yoon Hyung-binWEi‘s Kim Yo-han, and the regular cast.

Manny Pacquiao and Sandara Park with the Knowing Bros cast | Viu

The group quickly pointed out the connection between the two stars, with Pacquiao being arguably the most famous Filipino in the world and Dara being hugely popular in the Philippines due to her living there for a few years. They also had a surprising connection through music since they met through a music show.

Dara wasn’t afraid to brag that the only person who exceeded her fame in the Philippines was Manny. She’s famous for calling the Philippines her second home, having spent some of her childhood there. Dara also appeared in many Filipino television series and movies in the 2000s before debuting with 2NE1. She’s even fluent in Tagalog, one of the country’s official languages.

When asked to prove her claim, Dara said she didn’t bother showing her passport at the airport in Manila. Instead, the immigration officer recognized her immediately and let her through!

Her entire team also always had assistance with retrieving their luggage just for being with her.

Lastly, a police escort often led her out of the airport due to the danger of fans mobbing her.

Although Dara cannot visit the Philippines often anymore, her international success as a K-Pop star still makes her a legend when she returns!

Watch the full episode of Knowing Bros with Sandara Park and Manny Pacquiao on Viu.

A previous version of this article stated that Sandara Park is Filipino, and although she spent much of her childhood there, she is Korean.

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