The #1 Reason Why Sandara Park Wants To Date A Filipino

Besides the fact that she loves the Philippines, of course.

Sandara Park recently met up with GOT7‘s BamBam to shoot the eight episode of BamHouse. During this interview, she talked extensively about her time in the Philippines.

BamBam mused that he wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up in a relationship with a Filipino. Sandara agreed right away, saying that she is open to the possibility of falling in love with a non-Korean. She especially likes how Filipino men are “very romantic.”

BamBam: I feel like you won’t marry Korean.

Sandara: I think I could match well with foreigner too. I always thought in that way.

BamBam: Maybe with a Filipino?

Sandara: Maybe. Because Filipinos are very romantic.

Sandara was once linked to Filipino actor Joseph Bitangchol

She brought up the experience of one of her Pinay celebrity friend who was taken on a romantic dinner and helicopter ride by her boyfriend.

They put up a helicopter on Valentine’s Day! I saw an article that said that person A brought person B to Tagaytay, a city with beautiful night landscape, and had dinner there.

— Sandara

The K-Pop idol was jealous not of the extravagance of the gift her friend received, but the gesture itself. She, too, wanted to be on the receiving end of the “romantic side” of Filipino men.

I was [jealous] but it’s not the helicopter that I was jealous about. It’s about the romantic side of Filipinos.

— Sandara

According to her, it is common for them to formally ask the girls they are interested in to be in a relationship with them. Their courtship leans more towards the traditional side, and this is what Sandara wants to experience as well.

‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ They would kneel down and propose like that. Give flowers too. [Flower gifts are basic there.] It’s the complete [image] of a sweet person.

— Sandara

Check out the full video below to learn more about Dara!

Source: YouTube