Sandara Park’s Stylist Claims She Was Once so Skinny That No Clothes Fit Her

He made it his mission to find her pants that fit.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Video Star, fashion stylist, Kim Sung Il described just how difficult it was for him to find clothes that would fit Sandara Park.

Back when Sandara Park was a member of 2NE1, Kim Sung Il worked as her stylist.

But Kim Sung Il explained that Sandara Park wouldn’t fit into any clothes that were available in Korea.

Sandara Park was so skinny back then that I couldn’t find any clothes for her in Korea.

– Kim Sung Il

As a man with a slimmer physique himself, Kim Sung Il said he sympathized with her and made it his mission to find her pants that would fit her perfectly.

I went through a hard time by going everywhere to find her the perfect pair of pants. I even told the client, ‘The only person who can wear these pants is Sandara Park. If you leave this in Korea, it’ll just rot away in inventory.”

– Kim Sung Il

In the end, Kim Sung Il gifted the pants to Sandara Park, and Sandara Park expressed that those pants were really in at the time and that she really wanted it.

Those jeans were really hot back then. I really wanted them.

– Sandara Park

Check out the full reveal below:


Source: Dispatch