Sandara Park Breaks Down in Tears at the Thought of Fellow 2NE1 Members

She wants 2NE1 to reunite.

On a recent episode of SBS’s My Music Teacher Mingalabar, Sandara Park shed tears at the thought of her fellow 2NE1 members.

On the show, Sandara Park busked for fans in a Myanmar shopping mall, which included 2NE1’s song, “Fire.”

Sandara Park made up for her fellow members’ CL, Park Bom, and Minzy‘s absence and absolutely lit up the busking stage.

After seeing the performance, even Yoon Do Hyun confessed that he almost teared up after seeing Sandara Park perform alone since 2NE1’s disbandment.

My heart ached a little when I saw Sandara Park perform alone after 2NE1’s disbandment. I wish they’d stand on one stage again whether it’s big or small. For Sandara Park as well as the fans.

– Yoon Do Hyun

As for Sandara Park, she began tearing up as she explained that not much makes her cry, and that her fellow members are her weak spot.

I don’t even cry when I take 1st place. My fellow members are my biggest weak spot.

– Sandara Park

Sandara even shared a story about how she saw Park Bom before coming to Myanmar, and that she remembered a specific memory from their 2NE1 days.

I saw Park Bom the night before I came here. When I told her I was going to Myanmar, Park Bom said, ‘Back in the day, there was no waiting room, so the wall fell just by tapping on it, remember?’ Myanmar is a precious place because we even remember things like that.

– Sandara Park

Sandara Park then expressed her longing for her fellow 2NE1 members and revealed her wishes to reunite again.

I want all four of us to come to Myanmar together.

– Sandara Park

Check out the full footage below:



Source: Dispatch