Sasaeng Fans Thought They Had BTS Jimin’s Number and Bombarded an Innocent Person with Countless Messages

An inside look into one of the stresses of being a star…

In recent days, a post uploaded by an average person who received countless messages of Sasaeng fans thinking they were BTS’s Jimin received overwhelming attention in online communities.

The post contains screenshots of countless messages they received that address a “Jimin Oppa”.

The messages consist of many expressions of love as well as earnest requests asking Jimin to answer them.

Some of the messages are pretty mild, but some almost demanded that he answer them and even said they would die if he didn’t.

What’s even more surprising is that all of the messages that were shared in the post were all received in a single day. This person’s post gives everyone an insightful sneak peek into what celebrities have to face and why many constantly change numbers.


Source: Insight