Sasaengs Have Harassed EXO’s D.O. To Horrendous Extremes

“My personality has changed”.

EXO-L’s will remember D.O. being cheerful and energetic during EXO‘s debut.

However, D.O. has since changed to adopt a more reserved position.

D.O. has made his feelings towards Sasaengs (Sasaeng is a Korean term that refers to over-obsessive fans who stalk their favorite idols, often invading their privacy) clear.

Personally, since there are so many sasaeng fans, I’ve started to feel victimized. And it’s so grave it’s changing my feelings toward regular fans when I see them. My personality has changed. I’ve always somehow been displeased with strangers but because of the sasaeng fans it has worsened

— D.O.

D.O. has been the subject of numerous incidents of harassment. EXO-Ls would remember when D.O. caught sight of a sasaeng in his hotel room corridor, and bolted.

In a separate incident, a sasaeng was reportedly able to enter EXO’s dormitory – stealing a pair of D.O’s boxers, which she then tried to sell online for a whooping 100,000 Won.

At the airport, a sasaeng pretended to be a close friend of D.O. and grabbed onto this arm.

D.O. isn’t the only member of EXO to suffer from such harassment. Chanyeol was seen fleeing for his life from sasaeng fans upon spotting them waiting for him.

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