SB19 Continues To Prove Filipino Talents As The Best K-Pop Trained Boy Group

“We want to show how talented Filipinos are.”

A new sensation is taking the Philippines by storm! This is SB19, a Korean company-trained Filipino boy group.

They officially debuted with their track “Go Up” which was written by the members themselves and produced by Lee Oh Won, who also worked on songs for big groups such as TVXQ and WANNA ONE.

Coming from a Korean company, the group has understandably taken on some K-Pop characteristics. The first is their training style where they worked to earn their place in the group. Starting from a large 2016 audition, the trainees of ShowBT Entertainment were gradually cut one by one in the weekly evaluations.

This happened repeatedly until five trainees were left: Stell, Ken, Sejun, Josh and Justin. Like most K-Pop groups but unlike any Filipino act, the members have positions that match their roles in the group.

Stell – Main Vocal and Lead Dancer

Ken – Main Dancer and Vocal

Josh – Lead Dancer and Rapper

Sejun – Leader, Lead Vocal, Rapper

Justin –  Visual, Vocal, Bunso (youngest)

SB19 is also praised by Philippine media for their hard work. This was seen when they practiced their song “Go Up” one thousand times before debut.

Their incredible vocal stability was further acknowledged by many, as seen in their trending “Go Up” live version.

They have also done some trendy Korean variety show games such as the Whisper Challenge and Lie Detector Game, keeping in constant touch with their fans Aurum.

Like K-Pop, they also have many loyal and hilarious fans!

When being compared to K-Pop groups, SB19 is always firm in their roots and nationality.

Many people think we copy K-Pop, but this isn’t true. We are actually labelled as ‘P-Pop’. All we did, since we are under a Korean entertainment company, is the training. But our target is still Pinoy Pop.

– Josh on Being Dubbed A K-Pop Group

SB19 may be the Philippine’s best answer to K-Pop, but they are still a Filipino group and proud of it.

We want to show how talented Filipinos are, how we are all-rounders.

– Sejun on Their Goal of Proving Filipino Talents