This Scene From “It’s Okay, That’s Love” Featuring EXO’s D.O Still Remains Korea’s Favorite After 5 Years

This article contains spoilers of the drama mentioned.

The popular K-Drama from 2014 called It’s Okay, That’s Love, featuring big name actors like Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, really became a strong stepping stone for EXO‘s D.O to build his acting career as well.


It has been five years since the show aired on TV, and many more K-Dramas have come and gone since then, but this one significant scene between Jo In Sung and D.O still remains a favorite for a lot of Korean viewers.


In this scene, from episode 4, Jo In Sung is running alongside D.O.


The two are very close, as D.O’s character Han Kang Woo follows Jo In Sung’s character Jang Jae Yeol very closely, as a brother, role model, and mentor.


The run started off as a playful chase, after Jo In Sung had abruptly introduced D.O to his crush. D.O was initially too embarrassed to approach the girl on his own – and to tease him, Jo In Sung called out the girl’s name and revealed D.O’s identity, then began running away.


The shocking factor came at the end of the scene, as D.O fades away and the camera shows Jo In Sung running by himself.


This is how the viewers found out for the first time that D.O’s character is actually not real – and that Jo In Sung’s character Jang Jae Yeol has schizophrenia. Korean viewers still look back to this scene and remember the goosebumps they got from realizing that D.O is actually a delusion haunting Jo In Sung.


While when the first few episodes aired D.O did undergo slight criticism for his lack of acting experience, he really earned himself the title of a successful idol-and-actor after this scene blew up. With D.O’s happy-sad eyes with so much story to tell, viewers immediately grew curious about the character Han Kang Woo, as much as they fell in love with D.O for conveying the role so well!


Many D.O fans are now revisiting his previous works while they count the days down to his return from his military service. D.O’s extensive filmography is keeping EXO-Ls busy watching and not too gloomy about his temporary leave from the K-Pop world.

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Interested in checking out the scene? Watch the full clip below:

Source: THEQOO