Scientists Use Math To Discover Why BTS Jin Is So F*cking Handsome

It’s pure math, Jin is really handsome.

A plastic surgeon has reported that he studied 269 Asian male faces and concluded that BTS’s Jin is scientifically the most proportional and handsome Asian face.


The doctor mentioned 1:1.618 as the “golden ratio” for having a perfectly proportional face. Most often, when applied to facial symmetry, this ratio uses the measures of the width from one ear to the other (1) and for the hairline to the chin (1.618)… And Jin’s face exactly measures up.


He also explained that Jin’s face is perfect because the ratio of the distance between his lips and his chin and the distance between his lips to the centre of his eyes falls into the same ratio of 1:1.618. He said that Jin’s face is one of the most symmetric, proportional, and perfect Asian male faces.


But, then, nothing less could be expected from someone whose nickname is “worldwide handsome.”

Source: Dispatch