SECHSKIES’ Lee Jae Jin Stirs Up Controversy For “Going Dutch” At His Fan Meeting

SECHSKIES member Lee Jae Jin received a huge negative reaction after allegedly forcing his fans to “go dutch” when they were selected to have dinner with him.

During Lee Jae Jin’s fan meeting on November 18, 11 lucky fans were selected to have dinner and coffee with him.

Once it was time to pay, it was said that Lee Jae Jin suggested he would pay for the first round of meals, but the fans would have to go dutch for the second and third rounds.

Dutch payments are where each person in the party pays for their own portion of the meal and drinks.

The fan who raised this issue said Lee Jae Jin didn’t have the money to pay for the second and third rounds plus a coffee shop visit after, which totaled ₩770,000 KRW ($708 USD).

“Lee Jae Jin didn’t have ₩700,000 won, so he decided on Dutch pay. It makes no sense for fans who spent at least 1 million KRW ($920 USD) on him to have to Dutch pay this.”

This specific fan spent ₩1.5 million KRW ($1,380 USD) on his merchandise and ended up in 3rd place based on how much money spent.

In response to the controversy, the admin for Lee Jae Jin’s fanclub went on record saying that Lee Jae Jin did not know about the Dutch payment, and it was the attending fans who decided to go dutch.

“Because Lee Jae Jin was paying for the first round of meals, the fans who were invited for dinner decided to voluntarily split the payments.”

In fact, Lee Jae Jin learned of the controversy surrounding what had happened and immediately began the process of reimbursing all the fans who had attended his fan meeting.

Source: Seoul Daily and SBS FunE