Second Generation Idol Reveals His Low Body Weight And Shocks Netizens

He’s nearly 6 feet tall.

Second-generation K-Pop idol INFINITE‘s Sungjong recently surprised Korean netizens after he revealed his body stats.

INFINITE’s Sungjong | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

On February 3rd, Sungjong appeared on SBS‘s Cultwo Show, where he talked about his recent weight loss. According to the idol, he previously weighed 56 kg (around 119 lbs), something that he shared on his Instagram story on January 3.



Sungjong revealed that he currently weighs 49 kg (around 108 lbs) and that the sudden weight loss came about from exercising too hard on his bike. The show’s hosts were particularly surprised because of Sungjong’s height of 180 cm (5 ft 11 inches).


The idol shared that he plans on continuing to try to gain weight saying, “I’ll add on weight from now on.

A post on a Korean forum discussing his weight reveal has gathered over 500 comments, with many showing surprise at Sungjong’s reveal and his ability to be so active.


  • I’m… 165cm at 49kg and skinny af… 180cm and 49kg, is that even possible…?
  • Omg he’s so skinny ㅠㅠ I hope he takes care of his health
  • Omg I’m sure he’ll take care of his own health but I hope he’s healthy
  • I’m glad he at least has stamina. How does he ride bikes on that route… I think he’ll know what’s best
  • Jjong, eat what you want however much you want and live happily



Source: theqoo