[★TRENDING]Security violently throws NCT U fans to the ground at airport

Security were not prepared for the enormous crowd that gathered to greet NCT U in Thailand as they arrived for the airport and multiple fans were hurt in the process.

NCT U arrived in Thailand for their Masita New Presenters press conference on February 6th to a host of eager fans. The sheer amount of people present at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, however, caused some unruly behavior – putting both the fans and NCT U in danger.

Many people arrived at the airport to greet the boys and welcome them to Thailand, however, the sheer numbers appear to have overwhelmed the staff.

NCT U arrived in Thailand to a flurry of waiting fans. **Source: @staymarlee

In the bottom left corner of the video below, fighting and pushing between security and staff can be seen. This turned the arrival of the members into a dangerous event.

Videos that were uploaded by fans show what appears to be security aggressively pushing one fan to the floor. Another fan falls with her and the security steps over these fans in order to escort NCT U away from the airport.

Videos taken by fans show the danger up-close as the crowd of people is moved and jostled around in the excitement.

This is not the first incident where enormous crowds waiting to greet K-Pop idols arriving in their home country have gone horribly wrong. 

Just recently, BTOB‘s Sungjae and Peniel were physically harassed by fans who groped their faces and arms. GOT7‘s Jackson has also begged fans to give him space while at the airport in the past.