Sehun Reveals It’s The First Time He’s Had A Break In 9 Years… But It’s Quite Bittersweet

Sehun’s first break has been bittersweet.

EXO is currently one of the veteran groups in K-Pop, where they have been active for around 9 years.

On an episode of I Live Alone, Sehun went on a camping trip with Ahn Bo Hyun. Many were curious about what Sehun does when EXO isn’t promoting.

Sehun shocks everyone when he reveals that EXO hasn’t had a break before 2020. EXO’s schedule was so full that the members never had a chance to take a proper break.

2020 is the first year that the EXO members got some time to relax. It’s quite bittersweet, as not all the members can hang out. Some of the members are currently in the army, and some of the other members are in the process of preparing to go.

Sehun still appreciates the break time they have, where he’s using it as a time to reflect on himself.

Here is the full video below!