Sejeong has cut her hair short after I.O.I disbandment

Photos of Kim Sejeong‘s new shorter hairstyle have surfaced online.

Sejeong’s hair has always been fairly long and this has had the effect of creating somewhat of a signature look for her. Before heading off to Sumatra, Indonesia, in order to film for SBS‘s Law of the Jungle, however, Sejeong was seen with her hair trimmed to around shoulder-length.

Given that Law of the Jungle is a reality program that challenges celebrities to travel to remote locations where they must survive on their own, many have speculated that Sejeong’s new hairdo was intended to prepare her for the challenges that awaited her. Others have, of course, held on to the hope that a change in hairdo means an idol is preparing for a comeback/debut. Nothing has been confirmed either way, however.

Check out Sejeong’s new hairdo:

Sejeong enjoys a snack at the airport.

A shot of Sejeong’s new hairdo from the side.

Sejeong’s new hairdo really suits her and lets us see that big smile.

After arriving, Sejeong even took a few flattering photos with her fans.

Sejeong short hair
Sejeong and her fan smile brightly for the camera.

Sejeong short hair
Sejeong is popular in Indonesia too!

Below are some photos of Sejeong’s previous hairstyle for comparison. During their last concert, Time Slip – I.O.I, she can be seen sporting a mid-length, layered cut.

Sejeong long hair
Sejeong when she had long hair standing on stage.

She was also spotted with long hair a day before filming SBS‘s Family’s Honor. 

Sejeong long hair
Sejeong gives a big smile.

Sejeong long hair
Sejeong makes a big heart with both arms.

What do you think of Sejeong’s new hairstyle?

Source: Instiz