Kim Sejeong Had The Most Relatable Reaction To Somi’s Transformation In “DUMB DUMB”

She compared Somi to Emma Roberts in “Wild Child”.

Former I.O.I and Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong recently reacted to fellow I.O.I member, Somi’s music video for her latest song. The music video for “DUMB DUMB”, features Somi as a high school teenager plotting for her crush to like her back.

As soon as Somi appeared, Sejeong’s jaw literally dropped.

She squealed excitedly when she saw Somi approach her “crush” in the music video and wipe a crumb from his mouth.

Sejeong got goosebumps at Somi’s beauty. Relatable.

Her reaction was even more priceless because it mirrored what the other actresses were doing in the music video!

Sejeong couldn’t help but gush about Somi after the music video ended. She was floored by Somi’s beauty!

I don’t even remember how I was when I watched the music video. I didn’t swear right? She’s totally a doll. Right from when she first appeared. Originally I don’t like when people use the term barbie doll to describe people but she’s totally a barbie doll. The song was really good too. I’m speechless. Her baby fats disappeared and although she was originally pretty, she’s so thin now and she’s so pretty.

— Sejeong

| Wild Child

Sejeong also compared her to Emma Roberts in the movie, Wild Child.

When I was younger, there’s a movie I really liked. It’s called Wild Child. I think I watched it over 20 times. She’s absolutely like the main character in there. She shot a whole high-teen movie in a music video. How can the male lead in the music video not fall for her? He’s impressive. Somi, I still think of you as a teen but I guess you became an adult.

— Sejeong

Somi really did stun us all in “DUMB DUMB”! It’s great to see how close the girls are even years after they went their separate ways. Catch the cute reaction below.