Selena Gomez Reveals What She Loves About BLACKPINK And The Support Gained From BLINKs

“I got a million followers… Because of them.” — Selena Gomez

For a twist on the typical interview for the Zach Sang Show, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez both appeared through a video call to discuss everything surrounding their collaboration “Ice Cream”. Naturally, one of the first topics was what the two artists had thought of each other.

| Zach Sang Show/YouTube

Speaking for the group, Rosé explained that all of them had been fond of Selena since they were young. They had been thrilled to work with someone who they’d always looked up to. “It’s crazy ’cause we grew up listening to Selena’s music, and we’ve been really big fans of her since.

Selena was touched by the words and shared what had made the group special to her.

The first aspect about BLACKPINK that she loved was the energy they had. Selena couldn’t quite put into words the energetic yet elegant vibe they had and how they could pull off any concept.

What I loved about them is that they have this versatility about them that it’s like… It’s almost like you’re caught in some different, fancy, cool life. You know?

— Selena Gomez

Selena also shined a light on an essential topic regarding how American audiences perceive foreign artists. Although she has over one hundred million followers on Instagram and over sixty on Twitter, Selena noticed that she’d gained a million of BLINK followers after sharing news of the collaboration.

Not only did it show how supportive fans were but how welcoming they’d been to Selena. She wanted the girls to receive the same support from American audiences, and BLACKPINK was touched from the praise.

And I want them to be equal here. And I want to be able to have fans ’cause I told the girls, ‘The moment I posted the BLACKPINK thing, I mean, I got a million followers. Just from that. Because of them.

— Selena Gomez

The “Ice Cream” collaboration did more than break records. It brought Selena Gomez and the members of BLACKPINK together for a friendship that will last forever, along with the track!


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