Here’s All We Know About “Semantic Error”, A BL K-Drama Starring Idols

Eye candy for sure.

K-Drama has seen a slight hint of expansion into the BL genre of late. 2021 gave us My Sweet Dear and Light On Me, both youthful and cheery flicks that led into the genre with a light tone. Up next in the genre is Semantic Error, a college drama about two polar opposites.

What’s surprising about this one is that instead of using rookie actors, the drama stars current idol, DONGKIZ‘s Jaechan, and former idol, Park Seoham. Park Seoham left his group, KNK, in 2021. Interested? Here’s all you need to know about Semantic Error before you dig in.

Jaechan stars as Sangwoo, a com-sci major who is rigid and a stickler for the rules. In a group project, his groupmates desert him and the project and he finishes it himself. He ends up removing their names from the presentation as well. This results in groupmate Jaeyoung (played by Park Seoham) taking a huge hit to his grades. Jaeyoung is a popular student who majors in design. The drop in grades is enough to remove him from a study abroad program. He seeks Sangwoo out and vows to torment him. But when attraction blooms between the two, will he be able to carry out his revenge?

A light-hearted romcom, this one is for anyone that is looking to ease into the genre. Based on a webtoon by J.Soori, the drama adaptation is sure to dazzle with its eye candy cast and sweet story.

Check out the teaser below.