Senior Citizens In BTS Jimin’s Hometown Attribute Jimin’s Kindness To His Warm-Hearted Father

They said that Jimin is the beloved man he is today because of his upbringing

Recently, a group of interviewers went to BTS’s Jimin’s hometown in Geumsahoedong, Busan to speak with those in the community who knew Jimin while he was growing up as a child.

Much of the people who were interviewed were senior citizens whose children had grown up alongside Jimin.

One woman mentioned that she knew Jimin because her son went to the same school as him.

She stated that even though Jimin has achieved international success as a member of the biggest boy group in the world, he still meets up with his childhood friends whenever he returns to Busan.

She commended Jimin for being so down-to-earth and humble by never forgetting his roots.

Even now, Jimin still meets up with his friends when he comes to Busan and continues their friendship. Loyalty! Right?

As she was the mother of Jimin’s childhood friend, she mentioned she was familiar with Jimin’s father, who she recalls constantly took his Jimin and his friends out for picnics.

From her description, it was clear that Jimin’s father was a caring and affectionate parent who spent a lot of time making sure his son had the best childhood memories.

Consequently, the woman highlighted that she believes that it was this that helped ground Jimin as an individual, and why he became someone who is so beloved by many.

I remember that Jimin’s father often took Jimin and all his friends for a picnic, and sent much time with them. He was a really thoughtful dad. I think this is why Jimin could have been so successful

Another member of the community praised Jimin’s father for his compassionate and giving nature to the town.

The town had a middle school that has now been closed for several years. However, the interviewee recalled that Jimin’s father even donated money for scholarships so that students in need could have a good education.

At that time, he used to donate a lot for uniforms, scholarships or necessary gadgets for the school

It is apparent that Jimin has followed his father’s example, having secretly donated 100 million won to schools in Busan.

While his son is one of the most successful idols in K-Pop, the interviewee praised Jimin’s father for continuing to stay humble and grounded.

He stated that Jimin’s father is appreciative of the small things in life.

He is very frugal, he enjoys 3, 5 dollar cheap meals and is a very humble man.

Furthermore, he explained that Jimin’s father knew how important his son’s career as an idol is and he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t do anything that could impact the way Jimin is perceived.

Recently, he behaves very carefully for his son, Jimin … He is that kind of man. Really good guy.

In terms of how he raised his son, the man expressed his gratitude to Jimin for continually promoting his hometown.

It was very apparent that Jimin’s town was a tight-knit community who constantly supported each other.

Jimin goes up, then we go up together!

Currently, not much is known about Jimin’s parents as they have largely stayed out of the public eye.

But what is clear is that Jimin was raised in a family with lots of love, compassion and kindness. It is wonderful to see him having a great rolemodel in his father.

And it is clear with the way that the community has praised both father and son, that Jimin’s father is very proud of his son.