Seo Ji Hye Tells Refreshing Story of How She Told Someone to “Shut up” at a Movie Theatre

The “Crash Landing on You” actress has a “girl crush” personality just like Seo Dan.

With the popular Netflix drama, Crash Landing on You having ended recently, the actors and actresses are gaining overwhelming attention for their spectacular performances.

One of the stars of focus is actress Seo Ji Hye, who played a character that became the “girl crush” of all viewers, and a past reveal proving just how badass she is resurfaced online.

Just like her Crash Landing on You character, Seo Dan, Seo Ji Hye is known to have a refreshing personality in real life as well.

On a past episode of MBC’s Radio Star, the actress appeared and shared a story about how she told some non-Korean people in a theatre (Harry Potter) to “shut up.”

Seo Ji Hye explained that she asked the non-Korean viewers to be quiet because they were being too rowdy, but that they ignored her and gestured that they couldn’t understand her.

And that was the last straw for Seo Ji Hye.

She said she lost her marbles and shouted, “Shut up!” in English to them shocking everyone in the theatre.

This probably did the trick, but it takes a bold soul to actually do that in real life.

Fans are responding to this with comments such as “Unnie, you’re such a badass“, “That’s pretty refreshing“, and “She’s a girl crush in real life, too“.

Check out the full story below:

Source: Insight