Seo Ye Ji Shocks With Her Extremely Tiny Waist On “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” – Her Secret Tip?

The new ant-waist queen?

Actress Seo Ye Ji is shooting up in popularity and recognition nowadays, due to her successful drama alongside Kim Soo Hyun, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. Other than her incredible acting skills, her fashion has also caught the eyes of many viewers for its over-the-top yet chic charms.

In the episode that aired on the 5th of July in particular, her pink co-ord ensemble was made even more striking by her tiny waist.

Many viewers expressed their shock over how she came to possess such a tiny waist and small frame, despite being 170cm (5.57 ft) in height. Her profile announces her height and weight as 170cm and 43kg (94.7 lbs).

No matter the angle, her figure looks amazing. It is made even more pronounced due to her skirt being a flared one.

However, it seems as if her body was made through a mix of both good genes and hard work. In a photograph from her early debut days, she can be seen hard at work at ballet stretching. Her thin waist is evident even then.

In a past interview however, she claimed that her body type was given to her by the gods, as her entire family was tall and skinny. She even revealed that her mom and older sister used to work as an air stewardess, a job highly lauded in South Korea. It seems that beauty runs in their family!

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay is currently still airing every Saturday and Sunday although it has hit its 1/3 mark. Catch it on Netflix, available in selected countries.

Source: MSN