Seohyun reveals how she handles disagreements with other Girls’ Generation members

Girls’ Generation maknae Seohyun recently spoke about the difficult moments between the group members and how they helped the girls become even closer.

On her new show Seohyun Home, which aired its first episode on OnStyle on February 8th, Seohyun was interviewed by Heo Ji Woong and was asked about her relationships with other members of Girls’ Generation.

During the interview, Seohyun revealed that there have been a lot of times where the members didn’t get along and explained how the group dealt with these challenging periods together.

If we only like each other, thats not a good thing. If you’re close, you also fight a lot. It sort of firms up your relationship. Training is really difficult, no one thought it was going to be easy. Especially cause we’re all different. Even now I think “wow, why is it this difficult?” So now we always try to understand each other. Since we’ve been through so much together, we’ve been able to get to know each other very well. I didnt realize it back then but I know now.

Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Even though Seohyun is the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, her mature understanding of her relationship with the group shows that she’s all grown up now.

Check out the full clip from Seohyun Home below!

The members of Girls’ Generation haven’t been so active together recently, as everyone is busy with individual activities, but as the group approach their 10th anniversary this July, they were able to reunite on Tiffany‘s Instagram.