Seolhyun’s Before And After Pictures Prove The Power Of Eyebrows

What brow style do you prefer?

It’s completely normal for anyone to change their makeup style throughout the years. Some may have the goal of looking more mature whereas others may be aiming to look more youthful. In AOA Seolhyun‘s case, she has gone from looking gentle to more luxurious—and all thanks to her brows! People can’t seem to decide which suits her better because she looks gorgeous in anything.

Check out her pictures below!

Straight Eyebrows

Straight brows make her look friendlier and more approachable.

She’s definitely super cute!

How can anyone be so pretty?

Everyone, this is an angel in human form.

It’s almost impossible to look away from her!

Arched Eyebrows

Seolhyun gets prettier and prettier the more she ages!

Arched brows make her look more mature, cool, and confident.

Is anyone else getting goddess vibes from this?

She’s stunning no matter what her makeup style is!

Source: theqoo