Seulgi Startling Red Velvet’s Maknae Line Is The Video You Didn’t Know You Needed

Why is Seulgi like this? We don’t know, but we love it.

A ReVeluv put together a short compilation video of Seulgi accidentally scaring Red Velvet‘s maknae line, and as they said in their Tweet, it is truly the funniest and cutest thing you’ll see today.

In the first clip, Seulgi is seen using a bubble machine, playfully shooting bubbles at Joy. When Joy turns around to see the bubble machine close to her face, her body shakes like a cat reacting to an eggplant.

The second and final clip shows Seulgi somehow stealthily sneaking past Yeri. When an unexpecting Yeri turns around, she doesn’t expect to see anyone there so she gets very startled and begins playfully hitting Seulgi as punishment for scaring her.

We don’t know why Seulgi is like this, but we love it and look forward to more fun clips of her unintentionally startling her friends!

Red Velvet