SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And SISTAR’s Bora Reveal How They Met

What a small world!

During Bora‘s guest appearance in 5 Bros, she shared that she called SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan a few days prior to shooting the episode. She also mentions that Seungkwan is the younger brother of her college friend.

To add to that, Seungkwan shared a fun memory he had of meeting her for the first time. He shared that he met Bora for the first time through a video call!

He recalls being sixth grade at the time and interestingly, even remembers what song SISTAR was promoting then! Seungkwan spilled that in that video call, Bora had red hair and was currently promoting “How Dare You.”

Seungkwan and Bora’s story of how they met really shows how small the world can be! It’s interesting to know that they have such a connection!

Source: Sports News