Seungri Gives Wanna One 3 Advices, And It’s Words Every Idol Should Live By

Idols should take note of these three pieces of advice!

Seungri, the king of variety shows, showed off his veteran leadership by calling Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo, and Park Woojin for a short 10-minute meeting before the shooting of Radio Star to help them relax.

Seungri also gave the Wanna One members some milk to calm their nerves before the recording.


Later on the show, he explained that if there was to be a manual for idols on how to behave in variety shows, the first rule would be to “Greet everyone well”.

Greetings are extremely important in creating a good first impression on both the production team and the cast.


His second rule was, “When asked about the opposite gender, say you don’t know.”

Any slip up or mistake in word choice could come back to haunt the idol who said it, so it’s best to remain neutral.


And finally, the last rule that that caused everyone to laugh was “When asked uncomfortable questions, just give them your best smile.”

With this reaction, experienced hosts will realize the question may be too much for the idol to answer, and will do their best to work around it.


After he gave them these tips, he gave them a short message of encouragement, telling them to have fun while recording.


Source: Dispatch
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