Seungri Gives Wanna One Some Important Life Lessons To Follow

This is how you keep the group to be drama-free according to Seungri!

From managing money to discussions about salary, BIGBANG‘s Seungri acted as a consultant for Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo, and Park Woojin on the latest episode of MBC‘s Radio Star.


Seungri is a well-known businessman, running clubs, 35 franchises of his ramen shop, lounge bars in China and South Korea, and much more.


He gave the Wanna One members advice on saving money using the 80/20 rule.

“Save 80 percent of your income and challenge yourself to do something with the other 20In the beginning, I spent a lot of money on learning and improving myself. One thing is for sure. [The moment you enter the business world] there will be a lot of people who are smarter than you” — Seungri


Seungri’s next piece of advice was that discussions about salary and payment should only be between you and your boss.

“Don’t ever share how much you earn with others. It’s the company that pays you, it’s nobody else’s business because you are bound to hear ‘Is this all you make?!’ from others. You absolutely need to disregard what other people say.”  — Seungri


Lastly, he talked about how to deal with drama and fights between group members, and that it’s avoidable.

“If you are paid well, then there will be cooperation and friendship in the group. BIGBANG was paid well, so we rarely fought.” — Seungri


Source: Newsen and TVReport
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