One Of Seungyeon’s “Top 3” Moments From KARA’s Comeback Is Thanks To TXT’s Soobin

The TXT leader is the ultimate successful fan this year.

TXT‘s Soobin may be the leader of one of the top 4th-gen K-Pop groups, but the idol has consistently proven he’s down to earth and surprisingly “just like us” when it comes to his own idol role models.

TXT’s Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

Soobin has recently been living the ultimate “y/n” dream, chatting with and meeting some of his childhood idols and sharing his experiences with MOAs.

The TXT member has opened up to fans about his admiration for industry seniors IU, KARA, and his celebrity crush, Bebe Rexha, and MOAs can’t get over what a lovable fanboy Soobin is.

TXT’s Soobin during a live broadcast | @soobrangdaeng/Twitter

Since his debut in 2019, Soobin has been able to meet IU during his time as a Music Bank MC and attended her record-setting solo concert The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun, at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in September of this year.

After the concert, he hilariously shared that he had imagined a staff member bringing him a microphone during her concert so they could sing a duet.

TXT’s Soobin (left) and IU (right) on “Music Bank” in 2021

Soobin also recently received a personal reply from American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha, whom he had almost met when the American singer and TXT attended the 2022 American Music Awards.

The group had previously met her virtually but had yet to meet in person. In her response to Soobin’s tweet praising her 2022 AMAs performance, Rexha told the leader she would send him her phone number so they could meet the next time he was in LA.

(From left to right) TXT’s Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun on the “2022 AMAs” red carpet | @txtgenleaders/Twitter

Soobin has been an outspoken fan of the 2nd-gen group KARA, which he’s followed since elementary school. Given that they disbanded in 2016, the likelihood that Soobin would have been able to run into them was slim, seeing as he debuted three years after their disbandment.

In October, KARA surprised fans when they announced they would be reuniting for their 15th anniversary and releasing a special mini-album in celebration.

(From left to right) KARA’s Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji | @gyuri_88/Twitter

The group’s reunion made Soobin one of the year’s luckiest fans, as they both attended the 2022 MAMA Awards, where KARA made their iconic comeback.

The day after the award ceremony, Soobin took to Weverse to share his emotions with fans, stating that he had tears “rolling down [his] face” during KARA’s performance.

| Weverse

Tears were rolling down my face (during KARA’s performance) yesterday.

— Soobin

The lucky idol also got to meet the group backstage. In two separate interviews, KARA’s Seungyeon and Youngji filled fans in on their heartwarming interaction.

KARA’s Youngji (left) and Seungyeon (right) | @young_g_hur/Instagram

On KBS‘s Lucky Oppa, KARA’s Seungyeon shared that she had received a letter from a junior idol backstage, naming it one of the top 3 proudest and most touching moments of their comeback. While on the show, she didn’t share the idol’s name, but a separate interview with KARA’s Youngji revealed it was TXT’s Soobin.

Youngji shared that when Soobin met the group backstage, he had prepared a touching letter to each member and even praised Youngji’s vocals in a B-side track from the group’s fifth Japanese album, Girl’s Story, which solidified to her that he was a true fan.

Soobin continues to be the ultimate successful fan, and always in the most wholesome way!

Check out more on his recent touching interaction with Bebe Rexha below!

TXT’s Soobin Is A Successful Fan After Receiving Bebe Rexha’s Phone Number

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