SEVENTEEN Only Has 3 Backstage Requests When Touring

Vernon shared the group’s humble requests.

SEVENTEEN has been hitting stages all over the world for their BE THE SUN tour and revealed they only have a few requests backstage to keep everything going smoothly.

SEVENTEEN on stage. | @pledis_17/Twitter

When interviewing SEVENTEEN, JoJo Wright from iHeartRadio remembered Joe Jonas requesting a specific poster to be placed on the wall to make sure their staff was “getting everything” they needed on tour. So he wondered if SEVENTEEN had any “unusual backstage requests” when they’re touring as well.

There were only three things SEVENTEEN needed. Vernon began by naming the first, “Our members…we all love Korean food, so we always ask for Korean food.

Jun and The8 also wanted a reminder of home. Vernon added, “And our Chinese members, they always also ask for Chinese food. So basically if you get our food covered, then we’re happy.” With food out of the way, there was one request left.

Seungkwan remembered the last thing that was a requirement to “cut down on sugar.” He said, “Diet Coke is the one thing we always request. It’s a must [have] item.

Although SEVENTEEN has many members, they don’t ask for a lot when they’re touring. All they need is a meal to remind them of home and a drink to wash it down.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch Vernon and Seungkwan prove how humble the group continues to be.


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