All The Times SEVENTEEN Insisted On Carats Coming Through With Pictures Of Them Eating Food Through Their Noses

A year later and we’re still waiting.

In 2020, “eating through the nose” became a trendy joke amongst fans of idol groups. They would often claim, “if my bias replies to me, I’ll eat this through my nose!” That being said, while most idols laugh it off with a reply, SEVENTEEN took things a step further to actively search for the Carats who made such promises to make sure they held up their end of the deal. Here are all the moments they hunted those Carats down!

1. He’s waiting

A fan wrote a post claiming, “Spicy rice cakes through the nose…? I’ll up one and eat malatang through the nose.” Little did she know that Woozi would reply with “I’ll be screenshotting this.

She later edited her post to add the following.

+Carats please don’t comment with recipes… I… Well okay what can’t I do. I’ll eat spicy rice cakes and honey combo chicken too, my maknae daughter (S.Coups)… Just you wait.

“Lie Again” by SEVENTEEN

— Fan

| @moonangel17_dk/Twitter

2. Mr. Boos is cheering you on

Seungkwan even made a song recommendation to encourage the Carat who claimed she would eat super spicy rice cakes through the nose. Aptly, he recommended Gugudan‘s “Chococo” which contains the lyrics “nose“!

| @svtcontent/Twitter

3. To be fair…

…maybe she doesn’t have to do this one! This Carat did ask for Jeonghan to comment instead of Seungkwan and since they had switched names on their accounts for the day, just maybe… There’s a loophole there? We totally feel that “help me” edit though.

| @svtcontent/Twitter

4. He will hunt you down

Just a few days later from the original post, the boys asked after the fan claiming, “Where’s the rice cakes through the nose Carat?

| @moonangel17_dk/Twitter

He’s also looking for the Carat that claimed to eat pancakes through the nose.

| @svtcontent/Twitter

Well Carats, it’s been a year and we’re still waiting. When will the proof pictures come?